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  • Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!
  • August 2022
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Hi, Thanks For visiting My Club Penguin Hacks/Cheats Blog, Scroll down for a lot more cheats.

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Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

I don’t know if this will matter

Ok this is totally random but it probably won’t matter because this website is dead anyway. So I’m Buzz, you may remember me from the fantastic memories of five years ago. I’m writing this post to reach out to Coolie to email me (Robot97845@aol.com). It’s always cool to talk to people from back in that time so if you happen to see this, send me a message and we could strike up a conversation!

Spiky Here

Hi everyone long time no see because i have no time to post.So im hiring authors for my website at http://spiky3332.wordpress.com/. Just clich the blue words and apply in the comments! (Please note you have to follow the rules or i will delete you from the blog!)

Spiky3332 ;P

Hullo People!

Hi Penguins, I haven’t been on in a very long time, but I’ve decided to continue. Watch out for new posts soon!!

Happy New Year

Hi guys, Happy new year!!

Lets look at some of the good and bad things that has happened this past year:

1. Field Ops Started

2. Club penguin Herburt’s Revenge

3.Epf Came out the the public

4. Club Penguin Donated over 1 million this Coins for changes!

5.  Club Penguin Wii game!

6. The new stadium for the wii game!

And many more!

Well, have a good start of 2011 everyone!



New Pin

Hi guys, I WILL be updating this site now, and here is the new pin:

Its at the Ski Hill!


Coins For Change Stamps

Hi guys, good work!! Your Coins For Change donations are quickly filling up the Lighthouse!

Some of you have been asking which Stamps you can earn at THIS particular  party. Generous penguins who give to Coins For Change can earn the Volunteer Stamp and if you donate over 5000, the Top Volunteer Stamp.
cfc2.jpg cfc1.jpg
Remember, if you don’t get a chance to get the Stamps this time – they will return at a later party which also has the coins for change in it! Every party has two Stamps you can earn.
for intense,  have you noticed you can earn an Activity Stamp on the Ice Rink?  Check your Stamp Book for the details.
What other kinds of Stamps would you like to see? Letme know in the comments!

Club penguin Field op!

Its once again time for the new Club penguin Field op! ok:

the location is the dance room.

Thats all for now guys!!

Btw, Happy Holidays!!


Christmas party here!

Hi guys!! The Christmas party is finally here! You can pick up the free item at the Ski Hill:

And, The Member item in the sleigh room!

To play the sleigh ride game you drop the presents into the igloo chimneys. Once you delivered enough you will get the free item Santa’s Present Basket.


Theirs also a Secret room!!

To get to the hidden room, you have to go into these secret paths in either the town of the Plaza!

The room is called “???”

Lolz, Pretty cool no? What do YOU think about this year’s Christmas party? Its the last Club penguin 2010 Party!!! Have fun and comment here if you find anything awesome!! Also, Don’t Forget to come to my awesome Christmas party!!


Christmas cheers!



New Pin

The New pin is here!

Club penguin Field op!

Hi guys, the new Club penguin Field op is now here!